Side Channel Awnings


Side Channel

ALUX HOME LIVING’S Side Channel Awning is a very effective shading & privacy system.

Otherwise known as a ‘twist lock’ it falls into the ‘standard awning’ category and has been in production for over 35 years. It must be doing something right!

The hardware of the awning comprises a 60mm diameter metal top tube in which the tensioning spring operating drive is housed and the fabric is rolled onto. The side channels are 50mm x 50mm U Channel aluminium with intermediate ‘lugs’ punched into the back inside edge to provide the ‘stopping points’ for the awning. The metal Base Rail is formed in a trapezium profile for ease of holding and operating. An option to have a covering metal hood or square Headbox can be incorporated with this system if required.

All these hardware profiles are powdercoated to your selected Dulux powdercoat colour.

Ideally suited to accessible areas in which you can reach the top point to store away fully when not in use and pull down to around hand rail height so there is no need to bend over to reach the bottom point. However, these sizes can be surpassed and this product can be made to a maximum of 4m wide and up to 2.7m in height.

Best Installation method is between posts or walls, otherwise referred to as a recess or reveal fit.

It is important to remember that the fabrics side edges are not locked into the channels in any way and only sit inside the channels inner edge approximately 10mm. It is the metal base rail that sits in further and engages the channel to lock off. Therefore in windy areas the fabric can blow out if the awning is left down.

Operation of this awning is fully manual by hand.

Fabric’s most commonly used are Sunscreen Mesh, they will provide a high level of protection from UV heat gain and direct sunlight as well as rain. It will also offer fantastic daytime privacy.

A perfect sun shading solution!





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