Veranda Stright Drop


Veranda Straight Drop

ALUX HOME LIVING has an old favourite which still proves itself popular within the community. The Veranda Straight Drop or otherwise referred to as  a ‘Rope and Pulley’ or ‘Bistro Blind’  has been used around homes and restaurants for decades.

It is the only fabric awning product that can be made to fit into spaces that have a ‘straight sloped or raked’ top or bottom.

The Veranda Straight Drop is a system in which the top section of the awning is secured to the structure by a powdercoated aluminium track strip. At this point a series of metal ‘pulleys’ are secured to the structure and a length of rope is ran through these pulleys and around the base pocket of the awning at 2 points. The base pocket houses a round metal pipe to weigh the fabric down and also to give the screen a point to roll up from. The Awning will come standard with a straight flap valance that will hang approximately 75mm below the base of the bottom pocket offering additional weather protection.

When the control rope is pulled it causes the base pocket and pipe to roll upwards collecting the fabric on it’s way and then this rope is locked off around small cleats installed down that side. This will stop the awning unravelling.

The Veranda Straight Drop can also incorporate Zippers down each side, referred to as ‘Zips & Tails’. This will provide complete closure of that opening down the sides and across the top. You can also use the Zipper to join 2 awnings together but undone it will give you the option just to have 1 awning either up or down. These 2 awnings can be in a straight line ‘linear’ or around corners – 0 to 90 degrees. Zips will also offer better stability and less movement in the wind and enhanced weather protection.

The maximum span for this system is 4.2m wide with a height of 2.8m.

Operation is fully manual by hand and the full weight of the awning increases as more fabric is rolled onto the base tube as it is taken up. Upon closure and releasing the rope to put the awning down, the weight will decrease as it gets nearer to the bottom.

The most common fabric used for this system is Clear or Tinted PVC. Please note most awnings in PVC will have joins. These joins are done using a High Frequency ‘welding’ machine which fuses the 2 fabric surfaces together. Therefore no stitching or puncturing of the fabric occurs, resulting in a stronger screen and a better look. All other fabrics can also be used on Veranda Straight Drops.

With any product that has ropes or chains, it is extremely important to be aware of child safety around these systems. You must ensure any loose control ropes are retained around the Cleats installed and tied off so a child can’t undo them. Also with this system in particular, that no small children are left unattended around the awning to play or get amongst the ropes running down and around the fabric.

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