Deep Channel


Deep Channel 

ALUX HOME LIVING’S Deep (side) Channel Awning will create a bold statement in any outdoor setting.

Ideally suited to low wind areas and installations between walls or posts (reveal). However it can also be mounted on a wall or post front surface (face).

Fabric naturally flows down upon operation and the side edges of the fabric will sit well within the powdercoated aluminium side channels. ‘Pile Brush’ (soft fur)  is utilised down the front and back internal side channel edge to protect and assist in the fabric retention inside the channels which measure 80mm from outer to inner edge.

This system can be incorporated with a matching aluminium headbox which not only looks great, it will protect the fabric and operating mechanisms when retracted or not in use. Alternatively, no headbox leaves the top roller profile exposed and this could be necessary in keeping within budget or to suit a particular Installation situation, for example, you may have a recessed area already in place across the top which will ‘house’ the roller profile and mounting brackets and provide the level of protection that you require without further additions.

Operation of this awning is by the following methods:

Crank Control – A manual geared solution in which a metal cranking handle is rotated to raise and lower the awning.

Remote Control – The premium solution using market leading motor remote control technology so you can simply push a button on a remote or fixed control. The option to set your Ups and Down movements via a built in timer within a remote is also available which will afford you more time to get on with your day and keep your outdoor space and / or internal areas at their optimum temperature without having to rely on fans or air conditioning.

There is also the provision to be able to stop and lock the awning at pre determined points by the use of a concealed Stainless Steel Locking Bolt which houses itself within either end of the powdercoated aluminium base rail and is manually engaged by way of a small black handle which conforms to the bottom section of the rail on either end.

Fabrics suitable for this style of awning are predominantly of the Sunscreen Mesh category.

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