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ALUX HOME LIVING’S Stein model is very similar to the Klip model in that it is also an open style awning system. With this system, the end mounting brackets that hold the fabric roller tube are orientated in a horizontal design which means it is best suited to a ‘top fix’ installation.

Like all our other Folding Arm Awning models in this suite , it is capable of withstanding winds up to 50km/h if left out.

It too, has a sleek designer front bar with a round profile which means you no longer have to hang a valance to cover what is commonly an unsightly front profile.

Die Cast Aluminium brackets and end supports offer no hard line edges. Stainless Steel screws, bolts and other components, including the spring loaded arm teflon coated 8 link configuration elbow chain are used to ensure the longevity of the product.

Colour co-ordinated plastic covers are used to conceal screws and bolts which add to the aesthetic appeal.

An optional accessory is the Aluminium Hood that is fitted over the top of the roller profile back at the wall to protect the operating mechanism and the fabric when it’s not in use and not to mention protect your investment.

Suitable for use domestically outside the home or for commercial purposes. A very versatile system that looks and functions beautifully.

The maximum width of a single unjoined awning is 7m with a projection of 3.5m. The angle or pitch of the Stein is increased to pitch down from 5 degrees below the horizontal to 85 degrees which means it’s able to be used as an almost Vertical Drop screen if required.

The metal frame colours options are White, Ivory, Graphite and Metalised Grey.

Fabrics most commonly used that perform the best are Acrylic Woven ranges.

Operation is by the following methods:

Remote Control – For an investment of this type, you should consider motorising the product. By use of market leading remote control motor technology, you can simply project out and retract in your awning by the push of a button. For further piece of mind, we can link a movement sensor up to communicate with the motor to retract the awning if it’s jolted in the wind past the threshold set (most commonly used sensor). For the same outcome, a spinning wind sensor mounted close by is another method which can also be linked up to any number of awnings on that building facade.

Crank Control –  A manual geared solution in which a metal cranking handle is rotated to project and retract the awning.

Folding Arm Awnings are designed predominantly to provide Sun protection, however they can withstand mild rain shower events. Fabric should always be dried off as soon as possible after being wet to avoid any staining or mildew build up over time. Remember to retract your awning at the onset of any storm event or extreme wind.

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