Metal Awnings


Metal Awnings

ALUX HOME LIVING has a range of 3 Aluminium Metal Awnings which are sure to cover your requirements. They offer a fantastic option for shading, light and rain protection and have been tested to deflect up to 90% of the heat back off the awning surface, which will definately offer you some cooling benefits inside the home when used over doors and windows.

Select from a range of Colorbond colours, you have the option to keep all the same colour to match or contrast to the existing infrastructure, or you can mix 2 different colour panels within the same awning to achieve the look you want. The underside of the awning including the small box section arm supports and frame are white for a neutral consistent finish. In some instances vertical post supports will be needed and they comprise 38mm box section in white but could be custom powdercoated upon request.

Installations are best suited to Wall mounted applications and these awnings can cover doorways, windows, veranda areas and walkways. Used both domestically around the house or for commercial purposes.

Here is a brief overview of the 3 different systems available.

Kingston – This awning comprises wide flat interlocking panels with a bull nose front edge. There is a covering cap strip over each panel join which makes this the only metal awning that is 100% waterproof. Add in the benefits of the Sun and heat protection and the Kingston is a very versatile system. Covered sides complete this awning in the arm supported version. Arm supports horizontally back to the wall are used for free standing systems up to 2.7m projection off the wall. Anything over this projection will have to have vertical posts running to the hand rail or ground for support. It is also able to be mitred internally and externally to wrap around corners.

Caribbean – This awning comprises both wide and narrow panel strips which tightly interlock with a bull nose front edge. Although not waterproof, it offers a high level of water resistance which increase as the downward pitch or angle increases. You can choose to have open sides or cover them in using the same colour panel scheme selected. Arms supports are used on systems with up to 2.7m projection, vertical post supports are then used for larger sizes. It can be mitred internally or externally to wrap around corners.

Bahama – The most cost effective metal awning available and a great choice to cover doorways, windows or veranda areas, it is made up of horizontal interlocking strips that offer a high level of water resistance and if the pitch is below 12 degrees you won’t get any water penetration through the panels. It can project off the wall up to 1.6m using a horizontal arm support installation method or up to 2.8m using a vertical post support. This system cannot have covered in sides or be mitred.

Please enquire further if you would like a quote on any of the products listed above.

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