Pivot Arm


Pivot Arm

ALUX HOME LIVING has a new generation of Pivot Arm Awning available now. Often referred to as a ‘traditional awning’, it is now a contemporary ‘head turner’ with a designer aluminium base rail and Headbox profile. The Heavy Duty smooth aluminium pivots arms house the operating springs which maintain a constant downward tension on the fabric to keep the system operating and looking at it’s best.

All the metal hardware is custom powdercoated from the standard dulux range to suit your colour requirements.

Ideally suited to upstairs windows or those inaccessible outdoor areas where an internal control device can be used. Perfect cover for those hot western facing areas within your home, this system will assist in lowering the UV Heat that enters through these windows whilst still allowing natural air flow through the area between the awning and the window.

Installation of the Pivot Arm Awning is ideally carried out on a wall or post front surface (face). This is another good option to consider to cover a sliding door at home or at your place of business which in this case will also offer you protection from the rain upon entry and exiting.

The Pivot Arm Awning has Aluminium arms on either side which pivot in a arc which allow the awning to retract and store the fabric around the top roller tube when not in use or to swing outwards for maximum projection when they are horizontal to the ground or floor surface. They will continue to swing downwards towards the base of the window or covered area for maximum protection and privacy.

This awning can span 5m in width and have a projection off the wall up to 1.6m. This will allow for the coverage of an opening 3m + in height. This system will endure moderate wind loads but ALL retractable awnings are best retracted during storm events to avoid any damage occurring.

Another classy feature of this system is the Aluminium ‘vertical sliding rails’ which allow the usually fixed ‘pivoting’ point of the arm on the wall to be raised turning your awning into a ‘terrace’ style overhead canopy orientating the fabric close to the horizontal at the highest point.

Operation of this awning is by the following methods:

Remote Control – The premium solution using market leading motor remote control technology so you can simply push a button on a remote or fixed control. The option to set your range of motion and stopping points via a built in timer within a remote is also available to keep your inside spaces at their most liveable optimum temperatures lessening reliance on air conditioning therefore minimising those associated cooling costs.

Tape Winder Box / Tape lock device – This versatile option allows for the operation of the system to be carried out from within the room the awning is covering. A hole is drilled through the wall space in which the nylon webbed tape is fed through and engaged into either a white box with a rotating winder handle or through a smaller tape lock device. The box ensures the excess tape pulled through when raising the awning is stowed away neatly whereas the tape lock device would have the tape exposed and hanging to be ‘cleated’ off inside. Both of these devices can also be used on the external house surface by the side of the awning.

Crank Control – A manual geared solution in which a metal cranking handle is rotated to raise and lower the awning.

Fabrics most commonly used on this style of awning are Acrylic Woven ranges or Canvas ranges. You could also use a Sunscreen Mesh if not as much weather protection is required.

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