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ALUX HOME LIVING’S largest Folding Arm Awning system is the Shan model. It is a fully Cassetted rectangular profile built on ultimate design qualities. Again the functionality has not been compromised to achieve this look. The front surface of the Cassette profile has small lineal grooves which almost appear to ‘glisten’ in the sun to add optimum aesthetical qualities.

Part of the Casing design is such that there is an added ‘gasket’ to make joints fluid tight and protect further against water damage to fabric when not in use.

Installation of this system can be onto the Wall (face) only.

Architectural in design, it is perfect for those Commercial spaces, with a high wind load rating of 50km/h when left out. It can also be used for domestic household applications.

Choose from a selection of frame colours, White, Ivory, Graphite and Metalised Grey.

Fabrics that perform the best are Acyrlic Woven ranges.

The Maximum width of this Awning in a single unjoined unit is 7m with an impressive projection up to 4m.

Operation is by the following method:

Remote Control – This is the only mode of operation for the Shan system.

You can utilise a sun, wind or motion sensor to add further protection to the awning and the covered space.

With any motorised product, it is able to be directly connected to a Building Management System and controlled via that main hub.

Folding Arm Awnings are designed predominantly to provide Sun protection, however they can withstand mild rain shower events. Fabric should always be dried off as soon as possible after being wet to avoid any staining or mildew build up over time. Remember to retract your awning at the onset of any storm event or extreme wind.


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