Straight Drop


Straight Drop

ALUX HOME LIVING  has a new generation of Straight Drop Awning available now. With the same Style of Aluminium Hardware as can be used on other Awning models within our range, this product forms the foundation of the Alpha suite of Awning Systems and it is sure to enhance your lifestyle in the space it’s incorporated with.

The Metal Hardware will be powdercoated to a Dulux colour within your requirements.

This Awning is ideally suited to accessible areas so you are able to engage the appropriate ‘tie down’ method when the awning has reached the desired location. Perfect for outdoor deck or veranda areas mounted between posts or walls but can also be installed onto the front fascia of timber or metal cross beams.

This system will assist in lowering or eliminating UV Heat entering your area dependant on the exact fabric choice and how the product is Installed. There will still be areas in which air can enter the space like around the side edges of the fabric or slowly filtering through the fabric if it’s a Sunscreen Mesh type, so you need not worry about blocking air flow all together.

This Awning can span 5m wide with a height up to 3m.

Like all Awning types, it is recommended that the awning be retracted and stored away in the event of extreme winds or stormy conditions, and that the fabric if wet upon storage around the top roller is unrolled at the next possible opportunity so it can dry out before being used again.

Operation of this awning is by the following methods:

Remote Control – The premium solution using market leading motor remote control technology so you can simply push a button on a remote or fixed control. The option to set your times of operation and stopping points via a built in timer Remote Control is also available to keep your area as you want it based on your privacy and sun shading requirements.

Crank Control – A manual geared solution in which a metal cranking handle is rotated to raise and lower the awning.

Tape Winder Box – This control option allows for the operation of the awning by way of a metal handle rotated in a smooth circular motion. It is the easiest manual method of operation for people with finger and joint problems.

Spring Loaded – A heavy Duty coiled spring inserted into the top roller tube and tensioned for ease of operation and to keep the fabric ‘taught’ when it is pulled down and engaged into it’s appropriate ‘tie down’ method. Spring Loaded is the most cost effective option for this system but is best suited to situations where you can reach the top point to grab and release without damage and pull down to hand rail height as you then need to hold the base rail with one hand whilst engaging the ‘tie down’ option with the other to avoid the system rolling back up by itself uncontrollably.

Fabrics most commonly used on this style of awning are Sunscreen Mesh as this maintains the view through to the pool or backyard and beyond. Otherwise, more private and weather proof fabrics can be used, like Acrylic Woven or Canvas ranges.

Clear PVC  is not recommended on any Spring loaded systems due to the possibility of the PVC stretching more under tension which will eventually cause ‘floppiness’ across the fabric when it’s down. PVC does not a ‘base cloth’ like all other fabrics, it is the base cloth that provides the fabric’s structural stability.

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