Zip Screen



ALUX HOME LIVING would love to present to you the ultimate external fabric awning. The Zipscreen awning has be specially designed to offer privacy and protection from the sun, wind and rain all year round. In some instances, it’s custom made fit can provide an insect free environment to relax or entertain in.

A relatively new product within the industry, it was designed in Australia and has been in production for approximately 5 years. In this time it has seen huge success in it’s implementation being used in Commercial projects and adored in Residential applications with this type of system being put into more homes and Commercial premises then any other fabric awning product.

Expertly constructed with hidden interlocking parts and NO visible Zips or Zipper tails as viewed from the front or back of the system. The Zipscreen features self-aligning side channels which enable installation in out of square areas between posts or walls, unlike many other channelled systems.

You have the option to incorporate a full 120mm square aluminium headbox or simply just use end mount brackets leaving an exposed roller tube with fabric at the top.

Custom Powdercoating gives maximum flexibility to experiment with your desired colour scheme!

Like the name suggests, a small single side zip is heat fused or stitched to the fabric edge to become a permanent fixture. It is this zip edge that is engaged into the inner side channel essentially locking it in. It cannot blow out of the channel at any point and will withstand winds up to 80km/h if a sunscreen mesh fabric is used. The screen and attached zip simply roll up and down on your command.

Strong & Durable, the Zipscreen Fabric Awning offers protection from the sun, UV rays and adverse weather.

Perfect for Installations in areas such as Decks, Verandas and Pergolas. It can be installed between posts or walls or on the outer or inner fascia of such areas. However this system can also be used outside windows where a product with no projection or movement/noise is required. You could also take this product Inside the home for use as a Total Blackout Blind.

Operation of the Zipscreen is by the following methods:

Remote Control – The premium and best mode of operation for a system such as this. Motorisation is ‘in’ and it has never been more affordable to control your Awnings by the touch of a button. Whether it’s a Remote Control, fixed remote module at your desired location and colour choice or linked in with the Building Management System or Home Automation system for a central control point, it can be done. An in built timer Remote Control can also tell the Awning when to raise and lower up to 6 automatic commands per day!

Spring Assisted – The next best mode of operation of the system is the Manual Spring Assisted. Large internally fit springs are tensioned to assist you when you wish to retract and store away the fabric around the top roller or into the headbox. A locking mechanism is installed onto the side track and a spring loaded pin device onto the base rail of the screen which engage and lock and hold the tension from the spring on the fabric. You can have intermediate stopping points simply by adding more receiving latches up the channel. Best suited to heights where you can reach the top mounting point of the awning and pull down to hand rail height so no bending over is required.

Crank Control – A manual geared solution in which an anodised silver metal handle is rotated to raise and lower the awning. This handle is straightened after use and clipped into a receiving bracket on the side channel so there is no movement of the handle in the wind.

Fabrics most suitable for this system are Sunscreen Mesh as this will slowly allow airflow through and not put too much excess pressure onto the side zips. Another popular choice is the Clear or Tinted PVC, this will provide full wind block but sometimes a small valance is required across the base to stop the vacumn of air effect and eliminate pressure on  the zip but remains a popular choice for commercial premises like restaurants. Acrylic’s and Canvas ranges can also be used.

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