Cellular Blinds


Cellular Blinds

ALUX HOME LIVING is proud to present our Cellular Blind range. Otherwise referred to as ‘honeycomb shades’ due to their fabric cell structure shape.

Cellular Blinds are the most energy efficient window blind due to their fantastic insulating properties. Each individual cell traps in air which in turn act as a thermal barrier to keep the hot or cold exterior weather conditions at bay and minimise any additional costs with other climate control products in your home.

Fabric options range from Translucent light filtering to full Blockout. Cell size diameter can be small 10mm or big 20mm, with an option for a double cell in the small size.

Control systems can be by use of a single cord on a Cordlock device, a looped cord on an Easyrise system or a spring loaded cordless Literise system for superior child safety, as no cords are required.

Some other control options that make Cellular Blinds a remarkable product are:

Top Down – The fabric will open and lower from the top to bottom

Top Down Bottom Up – The fabric opens from either the top going down or the bottom coming up. This offers ultimate light and privacy control

Day / Night – Two panels of fabric within a single blind. Usually a Blockout at the base and a Light Filtering in the top half. This offers a versatile blind for daytime and nightime privacy options

Skylight – Designed for rectangular window skylights. Manually operated via a handle. Can fit to any slope or orientation

Angle / Shapes – Used for sloped top or bottom window openings. Angles operable for rectangular section only, triangular area remains covered. Shapes designed for Arches, quarter circles and shaped windows. Arch shades can be operable if installed inside architraves only

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