Panel Glide


Panel Glide

ALUX HOME LIVING’S  Panel Glide solutions are here! As the name suggests, this product comprises a number of fabric panels that all overlap each other for light block and privacy. The Panels of fabric hang from a sliding track system and ‘Glide’ from point to point.

Typically, Panel Glide blinds are used on sliding doors and stacker doors and will feature 3 to 10 panels of fabric which can stack to the left, the right, bunch stack in the centre or split stack left & right dependant on your window or door configuration.

Tracking is made from powdercoated aluminium ‘slimline’ profile which has the operating wand attached or we can design your Panel Glide to be a cord drawn operation.

Fabric options are huge and you can co-ordinate the selection to match other products in your home, for instance, your kitchen roller blind fabric.

All panels have a sewn in weighted base pocket.

Decorative options are available. Panels that are just the fabric hanging from the track with the base pocket are called ‘Standard’ and they are the most cost effective.

‘Back Extrusion’ is a style which uses a small colour co-ordinated aluminium profile to hold a pleat of the fabric on the backside within the rod which creates intermediate horizontal line across the panel for a designer look and better fabric stability.

‘Plantation’ means using a half round small painted or stained timber profile on both the front and back of the panel to create a bolder look with intermediate lines running accross the panel.

Spacing’s between the decorative elements on each panel top to bottom are approximately 250mm but can be altered to suit your requirements.

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