Roman Blinds


Roman Blinds

ALUX HOME LIVING Roman Blinds are sure to add a touch of Elegance to your home.

Roman Blinds can be made to suit any sized window and can be Installed inside or onto the window architraves or above them to raise the ‘stacking’ space of the blind when in the open position as long as adequate fixings are behind your wall space.

Select from a large range of fabrics, Light Filtering will still allow some natural light to penetrate the blind and enter the room, Full Blockout will allow maximum protection & privacy and our Designer ranges will offer Elegant Patterns & Designs.

We can even make your Roman Blind from your favourite Soft-furnishing Curtain fabric whether co-ordinating to other Curtains in your home or simply just as a stand alone product.

During a Roman Blind’s range of motion in operation, it needs to pleat & fold in behind itself from the bottom up, therefore, there is a requirement for ‘stiffening’ support bars in which the bottom one is connected directly to the control mechanism. These bars also form part of the decorative element of the blind.


Back Extrusion Aluminium Bar – A small colour co-ordinated profile across the width will hold a pleat of the fabric on the backside within the rod which creates intermediate horizontal line across the interior fabric surface for a designer look and better fabric stability.

Timber Batten ‘Plantation’ – A small half round section of painted or stained timber is fixed across the width of the fabric on both the back and front to create a bold look and a blind that really stands out! 

If you choose to use a Soft-Furnishing Curtain fabric, the rod can be concealed inside a small sewn pocket leaving minimal hardware exposed.

Spacing between these decorative elements are approximately 250mm with the top spacing being slightly larger and the bottom spacing being smaller.

There are 3 Modes of Operation that you can control your Roman Blind with :

Cord Lock – A directly driven device in which a single string with a selected ‘toggle’ end is pulled to raise and lower the blind. A great choice for small to medium sized blinds.

Chain Operation – Operates like a roller blind mechanism. Pull the chain to raise and lower. Perfect for those medium to large blinds as the mechanism comes in a weight ‘dampening’ design which means the blind feels only half the weight of what is, however more rotations of the chain are required to get to your desired stopping point.

Remote Control – An Electric motor can be situated behind the fabric and mounted inside a tube attached to the underside of a fabric covered headboard. Simply push a button to raise and lower the blind.


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