Vertical Drapes


Vertical Blinds

ALUX HOME LIVING offer a complete range of Vertical Blind Solutions with Contemporary Slimline tracking systems and new fabric releases which put a modern spin on what is sometimes referred to as a more ‘traditional’ product.

Vertical Blinds really have stood the test of time and arguably there is no other Blind on the market that is more practical with so many variations of privacy, light control and stacking configurations offered at such an affordable price.

This product is equally suited to Windows & Doorways and can be installed inside the architrave provided there is enough depth to open the blades or onto the front of the architrave which is common on doorways. Verticals will even suit a bay window situation.

Operation is via either a Cord & Chain in which you stand on either side to draw the fabric blades across the opening and a chain to rotate the fabric blades 180 degrees. These operating devices are colour co-ordinated to the track or can be a specific colour if requested. The other mode of Operation is a Child Safe Wand, this method has an powdercoated aluminium rod connected to the track in which you twist for fabric blade rotation and ‘push & pull’ to draw the fabric across the opening. Wands are best suited to smaller openings where there are no obstacles in the way as you operate.

Fabric options available today are exactly the same as your other blind products, Full Blockouts, Light Filtering and Designer Patterns. Fabric blades sizes can be either 90mm or 130mm wide. You can design your blind to have a One way stack left or right, a Split stack which has a bunch of blades on both sides which draw into the centre to close or a Centre bunch for those windows that have a left and right opening section. No matter what option, the fabric blades will overlap for a tight closure giving you maximum privacy.

You can keep a tidy bottom profile by having the base weights fully sewn in or a bottom Linking chain to connect the fabric blades.

A trendy Accessory for a Vertical Blind is a Powdercoated Aluminium Pelmet to cover the track and close off any small light gap between the top of the fabric blade and the base edge of the track.

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