ALUX HOME LIVING offer you a fantastic new product to the marketplace, Vision Blind. This product has really ‘opened the eyes’ of the astute home owner.

The Vision Blind is essence is one piece of fabric that comprises alternating delicate open weave polyester mesh and a solid closed weave section that form horizontal lines across the blind.

Operated via a Chain control, as the chain is rotated these 2 sections of fabric pass each other. You can control your vision through the blind in subtle movements and position the stripes to be totally open, offering a 50% clearview, or line up the solid bands so they close off to give 100% privacy. If the chain is continually pulled the fabric will totally retract and store away into it’s powdercoated aluminium semi-cassette head rail.

Ideally suited for use on Windows, there are 4 fabric ranges offering a total of 18 different colourways. All fabrics are Light Filtering however the darker the shade you select, the more light is blocked out when solid bands are aligned.

This is a super chic Window Furnishing blind that is sure to grab attention.

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