ALUX HOME LIVING offers bespoke Soft Drape Furnishings that are sure to indulge your senses. 

Create a Sanctuary of elegant sophistication by designing the perfect Drape. Curtains will also provide a high level of insulation to the room it is being used in, which in turn will make it a more comfortable space to be in and lessen other climate control costs.

Curtains can be operated in many ways, so it’s important to consider what option you would like, whether that be a Hand Drawn track with or without a wand stick, Cord Operated track operated from one side or a Remote Control track which is as simple as the touch of a button.

Fabric options are varied ranging from exquisite Sheers, Soft room darkening weaves to vibrant colours and patterns and full Blockouts. Timeless, quiet and free flowing are integral to what a curtain represents.

There is a wide assortment of ‘Finishing Touches’ for your Curtain. Soft Padded Pelmets are stylish and will compliment your drape and further assist in the insulation properties by closing off another access point for hot or cold air to enter or exit.

Tie Backs offer a simple solution to keep drapes ‘contained’ when you have your curtains open, especially in windy areas.

Swags & Tails offer traditional elegance while Cushions & Bedspreads will give you the option to Co-ordinate your room for a feeling of completeness.

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