ALUX HOME LIVING Security Products are locally made to adhere to Australian standards using marine grade stainless steel woven mesh and aluminium frames for it’s premium protection option. It is used to protect and secure Doors & Windows from unwanted intruders and give you piece of mind whether you are at home or away.

With the use of Stainless Steel Security mesh, your airflow & view will not be lost as the mesh has a openess factor so your home can breath and you can continue to enjoy your surroundings in protection while not feeling caged in.

Another type of Security provided is the 7mm Large Diamond grille which can be used on Doors & Windows and offers a more cost effective option to secure your home.

Security products can be used on entry and exit doors, sliding doors and Windows.

Whether you require a Pet door cut out, single or triple point lock, we can assist you.

Custom powdercoating of frames to any Dulux standard range colour.

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