Roller Shutters


Roller Shutters

ALUX HOME LIVING offers the highest quality Roller Shutter Products available today. Premium Aluminium connected slatting with a superb painted finish.

Our Roller Shutters are supplied with a Headbox to encase the roller components and protect the screen when it’s retracted and not in use.

Roller Shutters can be operated manually by lifting and closing like a roller door. You can also have Remote Control motorised operation for ease of use.

Here are some reasons you should consider using Roller Shutters on your Home or Business :


Most Break and Enters occur through windows. A Roller Shutter can put a physical barrier over any window that will withstand forced intrusions. They will also act as a visual deterrent. Remote control versions where multiple systems are installed can be synchronised to lower and lock simultaneously for absolute piece of mind.


In conjunction with the Insulation properties a Roller Shutter can provide, the added function that is also inherent is the ability to dampen the entry of unwanted noise by 40-50% in comparison to an uncovered opening.


The Aluminium slats of a Roller Shutter are formed in such a way that they are hollow internally. This internal space has a special foam injected giving the covered area a 9mm thick wall of insulation, similar to an Eski or Cooler box properties. Furthermore, this is an externally installed product meaning any absorbed and transferred heat is still outside the home trapped between the shutter screen and window panel. Enjoy up to a 90% reduction of UV heat transferred through the covered window opposed to a window without any covering.


Roller Shutters are able to be used as a 100% Blockout system. They are able to control the amount of light entering through the window opening. The gap between slats in which each connects to the next can have perforations across the width so the Shutter can stay in the down position and secure but still allow some light to enter. The Aluminium slats themselves can be perforated with small holes for maximum light penetration or visibility into the space, an example where this could be used would be on a shopping centre store entry door.


Our Cyclone Safe range has been introduced due to the increased amount of extreme weather events, in which case a higher level of protection is needed. If your looking for a better solution to secure your home and protect it from the elements, then Cyclone Safe Roller Shutters are for you.

Rated up to Category 4 T5

Complies to Australian Standards for Cyclones.

Commercial grade double wall extruded aluminium profile

Will protect windows against flying debris


Our Fire Safe Roller Shutter range has been developed as more of us decide to move to semi rural or country areas and build homes close to the bush or areas of high vegetation. With recent catastrophic Fire storm events, the need for better home protection against bushfires has become increasingly prevalent. Protect your glass from shattering in extreme heat, stop radiant heat and ashes from entering your home and use a Firesafe Roller Shutter to protect your home or business.

Complies with New Australian Standard AS 3959 – 2009

Bushfire Rated to bushfire attack level BAL A40

Tested by CSIRO

Radiant heat shielding properties to 40KW/m2

Completely Motorised

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