Solid PVC


Solid PVC

ALUX HOME LIVING offers a beautiful range of quality Solid PVC Shutters which can be used in any Internal area.

Extruded from PVC, this offering allows design and aesthetics to be applied to every room its installed in.

This shutter is not affected by moisture or humidity so is ideally suited to high humidity areas such as Kitchens or Bathrooms.

Simple to maintain with light dusting or wiping down with a soft cloth with soap and water.

Available in 13 colours, there is a huge range to ensure the product can meet your design and colour brief.

Structurally, the shutter extrusion is reinforced internally with Aluminium profiles to ensure it meets industry standards pertaining to maximum panels sizes with minimal to no deflection (sagging) of the Louvres.

It can be Hinged on a window, Fixed in place over an opening so only the louvres themselves can rotate. Bi-folding to slide, fold and stack off to the side or Sliding panels to cover doorways or divide an area.

The premium painted finish on the Shutters ensures they won’t yellow over time.


A 10 year warranty applies to the Shutter Panels and Frames, all the PVC material.

A 5 year warranty applies to the painted finish of the shutter.

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